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Website Contributors

Nature Confirmed has many website contributors. All of these authors are responsible for their work and statements.

Isabell Peterson, Head of Content
Camille Moreau, Content Strategist
Dimče Bogdanovski, Content Manager
Marius Banciu, Content Manager
Ena Pavlovska, Content Manager Assistant & Content Creator
Anh Dung Pham, Senior Content Creator
Alex Weber, Senior Content Creator
Ashley Cole, Content Creator,
Giovanna Bianchi, Content Creator
Eloise Thomas, Content Creator
Jelena Matovic, Copywriter
Valentina Ilić, Copywriter
Chen Li Zang, Copywriter
Chanchang Huang Zhou, Copywriter
Binh Ngo, Junior Content Creator
Martina Shulz, Junior Content Creator
Katalin Popescu, Junior Content Creator
Silvia Perez, Junor Content Creator
Paula Merino, Trainee
Matea Trevisan, Trainee

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