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experiences with Hammer of ThorHow often does your partner scream in bed and tear your back, exhausted with orgasm?

It will happen every night with a unique product Hammer of Thor! All night long!

“For 20 years already I’ve been helping men of all ages to solve the main male problem – weakening or complete lack of potency. I’ve been looking for a really efficacious and at the same time safe product for potency recovery. “Hammer of Thor” is in fact just the thing I’ve been looking for. When I studied the results of lab researches and tested it on several of my most hopeless patients – I was greatly amazed! I can recommend “Hammer of Thor” with full confidence as the best product for curing and prevention of weakening potency”.

Hammer of Thor – Male experiences

A special combination of the product’s components regulates metabolism in a specific way, it stimulates the body’s production of testosterone by increasing its content in blood until it reaches optimal level. The usage of this product helps increase sexual desire, strengthens erection, prolongs sexual intercourse and intensifies orgasm.

Women will get butterflies in their stomach at the mere sight of you, because great sex is much more impressive than good looks or an expensive car! With “Hammer of Thor” your partner would never call you “little buddy” or a “quick-cummer”. She is sure to become aroused at the mere recollection of your last night!

Sure enough, you may compensate for your complexes by buying a giant Jeep Cherokee or having a thick purse. But how a solid bank account is going to help you to spend the night with a woman? Will it really help you overcome your embarrassment and fear that you might disappoint her?

Kenny: man must have a powerful boner! ! I’ll tell you how to achieve that within 15 minutes!

Hammer of Thor experiences

Hi guys! Without beating about the bush, women like when their men are ready anytime. That’s for sure! Of course, feelings are also important. Such as tenderness, trust, and many others. But when your woman wants you inside her, only pure physiology works at this point. Women love not only with their ears, they also love with their vagina!

Perhaps those girls who are rookies in sex or helplessly timid they don’t care but will you be interested in being with them? Do you prefer boredom to fireworks? If so, skip this page as you don’t need the information below.

If you want to have a tigress in the bedroom, that would scratch your back and scream so loud that the neighbor who lives five blocks from you gets his dick hard, then you would need a GOOD BONER ANY TIME day or night!

So, how to be 100% sure in your erection ?

I already said that I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want to be straight. I’m not an altruist and the product which I want to describe further I previously advertised for MONEY. However, the thing that I was promoting was not a fake but a really effective product which I checked on MYSELF and it helped me.


Once I was a poor fellow with no money and hopelessly looking for a job. I went to Singapore from my hometown. I was looking for my place in the world. I was a strong and tall guy. One of the thousands in the capital city. I sustained myself with odd jobs. Worked as guard on a construction site, was a sales person at furniture store, tried luck in the modeling industry, worked as an administrator at a beauty salon, a model, appeared in advertisements, opened Linda Evangelista’s fashion show when she was in Singapore and took part in the fashion show of Versace suits designed for Singapore. For the fist time luck bleakly smiled upon me when I was invited to get filmed in a music video. They showed me for ten seconds and it was mostly my back.

Maybe it was just an accident, however, I think that nothing in your life happens accidentally. There are always underlying causes and regularities that should be revealed. Unless you are a piece of shit swimming down the gutter. Director and cameraman intuitively understood that if I chose macho’s image, I would lose as my todger is not good enough. I had muscles, however, but the thing below was quite small. A small flaccid penis can’t make you successful in bed, can it?

After the video, I was noticed and invited to work as a stripper. Audience accepted me but I wasn’t driving girls crazy. And I KNEW why. They felt I wasn’t confident enough in myself. Therefore, I took some steps. I wanted my manhood be as hard as my muscles.

I paid huge money and received a brand-new supplement for potency from the US Thor’s Hammer. A man who sold it to me swore he acquired two lovers after he started using it, because his cock was always ready. He perfectly realized that for the money I paid him I would smash his head should something go wrong. But I didn’t have to do that.

I started taking Thor’s Hammer strictly following the directions, every day. The first time I felt my skin became cooled, then I felt pricking. In 10 minutes I got wood and it remained 4 hours straight! I don’t even know when I lost my boner, I fell asleep. Next times erection became longer and longer, but I learnt how to relax as I didn’t want to face a situation in which I would appear a ridicule because of my 24 hours a day boner. – My women went crazy with lust, they couldn’t understand what was going on with them. Of course, I didn’t want them to know so I blamed it on my good looks and they could swear they had the best sex in their life!

The whole point of taking the drops is to ensure your body makes it a habit to send impulses to penis when you need arousal regardless of stress, fatigue, alcohol and whatnot. I learnt to control my penis so well I can lift it just through sheer force of will. At that moment my new scenic image appeared. Girls instinctively noticed DRASTIC changes. I took part in orgies all the time because I got easily bored in bed with one girl. Few could manage 2-3 hours of non-stop sex.

Women are ready to give themselves to me any place any time

Guys, now a couple of words why I trusted this very supplement and paid huge money for it instead of trying various masseurs, pills and folk stuff. Remember, your penis is not just a muscle. It rises and hardens not by fibers contraction as it happens in a muscle but by filling cavernous bodies with the blood. But sometimes penis veins get clogged or they are too narrow or arousal impulse don’t reach brains. There may be tons of reasons!
The outcome is the same – pennis as flaccid as a dead worm.

If you want to be always on top and recharge your cannon, with a break easily a mere 5 seconds, then usual exercises won’t help you. You need a remedy which will cleanse capillaries in penis cavernous bodies and make it function perfectly, as smoothly as your leg or arm. I want to add that all the components are natural and the drops cause no side effects. As you can see I’m healthy and feel great.

And now, some selfies which I mentioned before. See and envy! That is what can be achieved by ANY of you if you want to be a real man !

My powerful penis is not only a thing to pleasure my girlfriend but also a part of my image. During my performances women feel my self-confidence and energy charge , which makes them ecstatic. This is exactly what I need as an actor.

And the last thing to mention. Good news. In Singapore these drops are sold as Thor’s Hammer. Moreover, thanks to technological advancement over the last 15 years, its price slashed and now it can be purchased at moderate costs from the supplier’s official website. Now there are absolutely no hurdles for those who want to be a real man.

The size really matters: the story about how my husband turned into a SEX GIANT in just 3 weeks!

where to purchase Hammer of Thor

I anticipate an intense discussion :))) Some can say: “how can you expose your personal life?!” – unlike other people who will be delighted with details and will offer advice. I just believe that these stories must be shared. If there were no bans regarding the discussion of private life issues and modalities to solve them, there would be no unhappy women anymore in this country! And you cannot even image how easily this issue was solved.

My story

My name is Christine and I am 22 🙂 A year ago I got married, my husband was my first man! Yes it sounds old-fashioned, but he is my only love, one that you live once in your life time and forever. 🙂 Of course I dreamed about our first night together when we would love each other and have passionate sex like all young women. But life surprised me. My husband’s penis turned out to be very small and, no matter how much he tried to satisfy me, it did not work :(((. His penis was so small that I could barely feel when he penetrated me. Of course we did not stop having sex, on the contrary, but I was not able to come to orgasm, and the sex duration was very short. All these did not offer my husband mush self esteem and after trying for six months without any success, we practically stopped making love. I only dreamed that my husband would have sex with me in all the possible and impossible positions.

I could not and I did not want to give up. Consequently I decided that before seeing a doctor, the best thing would be to look for information on websites and forums for men. As it turned out later, it was the best thing I could do! On one of these I found a topic about a сapsules called Hammer of Thor . Men seemed to be satisfied with it. I read numerous positive reviews also by women and this gave me hope. 🙂 So I decided to give it a try and I ordered it, since I thought that not so many people can lie about it. If it helped somebody, it can help us too!

Although my husband had some doubts, he agreed to try it in the end. The capsules must be drunk every morning. After first week, I noticed the positive effect (or actually I must say I felt it). At the beginning the duration of the sexual act increased and the sensations were stronger. And his dick became harder and stronger, we actually wanted to have sex non stop. I finally found out what it means to be a real woman and how it feels to have a partner with a big dick! So as you can all imagine, we enjoyed its first results :))

My husband continued to use Hammer of Thor every day for approximately three weeks and in the end it gained 4,5 cm! Now we have sex day and night! I am prepared to have sex 24 hours a day! Now his penis works like a clock, it becomes hard in a second. We have sex everywhere: at the cinema, at restaurant toilets, one time we even did it in the park, we couldn’t help it. The sexual drive is so powerful that we cannot stop. The most important thing is that he is ready everywhere at any time and for several times in a row. I feel like a real woman, he is now so good in bed that before I could’t even dream about it. People can only dream to have such quality sex, without any issues regarding erection. The penis even became thicker and harder and we come every time. My husband turned into a real macho man)) His self esteem is stronger now. He feels like a real man and he doesn’t miss any opportunity to remind me about it.

Girls, in case your man has sexual issues, don’t waste time anymore, purchase Hammer of Thor .

  • It is a 100% natural product and you do not have to worry about the health of your partner;
  • After 3-4 weeks of use, the penis will grow in average between 3 and 5 cm;
  • The duration of the erection and sexual act shall reach maximum limits;
  • You will be ready to have sex any time;
  • The intensity of the sensations and the explosive and long orgasms are guaranteed.

Hammer of Thor – Female experiences

Hammer of Thor scam

A special combination of the product’s components regulates metabolism in a specific way, it stimulates the body’s production of testosterone by increasing its content in blood until it reaches optimal level.
“Moreover, a unique formula of the product “Hammer of Thor” stimulates immune system, improves general heath, helps overcome physical tension reduces fatigue after intense mental activity, increases performance at work.

SO WHAT’S THE SECRET OF “Hammer of Thor”?

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

    Kind of shrubs in the family simaroubaceae, the greatest popularity has received as an aphrodisiac to enhance libido.

  • Elephantopus saber

    The plant is native to Asia and Africa continents, used in medicine as a powerful aphrodisiac. The roots are used as a diuretic, antipyretic and tonic.

  • Pitchecellobium

    Fruit pulp Tamarin quite sweet to the taste. Tamarind bark has a high content of tannins, has astringent properties, normalizes the intestinal flora by helping to prevent dysbacteriosis or get rid of it. It perfectly improves blood circulation and potency, increases the duration of erection and fights aging.

  • Betula alnoides Buch Ham

    Leaves of Betula alnoides applied on the Asian continent as an antidote for snake bites. Their extract improves blood circulation, has a regenerative effect on the whole body as well as the organs of the urogenital system. Has a direct beneficial impact on erectile function.

  • Anaxagorea Luzonensis

    The plant with white flowers that grows in the Asian continent. Used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Directly affects the internal human organs, participating and encouraging restoration visceral tissues. Is involved in the development of hormones of happiness, and also has a tonic effect on the nervous system, reducing frustration, emotional dysfunction.

  • Dracaena conferta

    Possesses the most potent antioxidant activity. The results demonstrated that there are plants with strong antioxidant activity present in the traditional remedies for rejuvenating purposes. Dracaena juice is used to treat skin diseases, stomach ulcers, has a calming effect, improves the immune system.

Sharing my experience: How to make sex last for hours

Hammer of Thor purchase Singapore

Hi everyone! I was embarrassed to share this information as it is really intimate, but I want to share my happiness with you guys. Besides, my experience might help lots of other couples. The question under discussion is sex, or rather, it’s absence. My husband and I had sex 2 times a month tops and sadly it lasted for 3 minutes until I tried giving my husband one remedy …

I’ll be frank, apart from having only quickies, my husband is also no donkey. You can say as much as you like that all the good things come in small packages, but the truth is the size is of great importance to women! I dreamt of long and passionate sex, just like in porn movies! But instead all I got was a 3-minute tickling under the blanket.

As a result, my husband had tried it all, from viagra to tantra. At first those pills worked, I was so excited about it. But over time he had to take more and more, while the effect on the contrary weakened. Plus it affected his heart very badly. These stimulators will never do any good to anyone.

There are so many non-surgical penis enlargement methods on the Internet…Folks, don’t fall for it, it’s all scams, don’t repeat our mistakes. My husband tried weights and hangers, and massage – zero effect!

Suddenly we found the solution!

I almost put up with it – bad luck with genes, what can you do! But long absence of sex couldn’t but affect me. I started watching porn-movies – as I didn’t have sex myself, at least I could watch others do it! I even had my favourite actors, one of them was an actor and a script writer Pierre Woodman.

I came across one of his interviews, where he told that any man could do it for 2 straight hours and even longer. And you can achieve it without using stimulators or supplements, with herbs only. Interacting with each other, herbs cause a most potent hormones discharge. The result is a more powerful erection and longer sex. Interestingly, they also promote penis growth.

That was just what we needed. But my big concern was, where to find these herbs?! As it turned out, they all are collected in one product which all porn actors take, it’s called Hammer of Thor.

I ordered these capsules on the official website at once. The package came in 2 days.

And finally the result

I couldn’t wait to see the effect, so I gave my husband a capsule that same evening. The next day, I was washing up when he came home from work. He sneaked up on me, buried his face in my neck and started to undress me without talking. We fucked on the washing machine, switched to the bedroom and continued there. Two hours of sex! Nothing like this had ever happened with us before! I experienced several orgasms in a row, and by the end I asked him to stop because I was so exhausted!

After a month of taking Hammer of Thor our sex life was completely fixed. We never leave the bedroom, it’s like our second honeymoon)) Recently we measured my husband’s dick and were surprised to find out it had grown by 2 cm!

I’d never think that natural ingredients can have such a stunning effect! No chemicals would ever yield such results, can’t be even compared to the power of nature!

P.S. Recently I’ve found out that girls can also take Hammer of Thor! Last night we discovered it together. Sex was even more awesome and orgasm was so bright I nearly blacked out! So, girls, keep that in mind)

How to be a real man in bed ! see the result in 7 days!

Hammer of Thor forum

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel. I’m really sorry for not writing anything for awhile… but don’t be angry because today I have something really cool to tell you. It is Hammer of Thor, the supplement that use only a few days and your sex will change like the shoe is on the other foot! And this helped me to have girlfriend 🙂 I want to emphasize that Hammer of Thor is the safe and can use both men and women, trust me !

The moment of the truth…

After I fell in love with a beautiful lady, I continued hitting on her. Everything went well like a romantic movie, we hung out together, I gave her a flower and we had a romantic candlelight dinner. Finally, we ended up in bed. It’s such a memorable night for me, she invited me to her room and went to the bathroom for a moment to do her makeup while I took off my cloth because I couldn’t wait any longer. After she back from the bathroom our love lesson had begun, we laid down on the soft mattress <I was very excited> and then she fondled all over my body go down until she reached inside my underwear.

but no matter what she did, my dick still not getting hard.

Maybe because of my drinking, but I rarely drink alcohol. Before we had sex I sipped it a little bit or if it not due to alcohol, it might be about my work because I work 12 hr. per day and don’t have enough time to sleep. and no matter what is the cause, It make me tough to get an erection. I tried many methods to cure this problem but I got nothing ((( I knew she was trying so hard and I still couldn’t get it up, both of us felt bad. I remembered I get an erection once before but as soon as I put my dick in her wet pussy, I felt nothing. It was really bad but I don’t wanna break up with her just because of this issue. Finally, seems like she tried to tell me something.

I have to find the solution for this problem….

I told her that I’ll call her back later. That day I decided to find a solution before everything getting worse and I don’t wanna break up with her. I searched on the internet there are many thing sell there but to tell you the truth, I don’t really believe that it’s gonna work. After searching for it till late at night I decided to visit the last website before I went to bed and then I found an interesting advertisement which I read all of it and finally decided to order it because I have nothing to lose also it was 50% discount at that time.

2-3 days later I got the package after I paid for it. Even though this product is affordable, I hope it work for me so I called my girlfriend and asked her to come at 8 pm. I told her this time won’t be the same

and she said okay. I took the pill I ordered half an hour before she came <I took 2 capsules according to the direction on the package > and in the same room everything happened exactly the same except my erection! I felt like I took a dozen of Viagra!! That night was really awesome….we have sex 3 times in a row, we couldn’t believe it !))

I don’t know how to explain how I feel !!! it’s wonderful…I felt happy for many days! it’s such a good product !

It was really amazing ! I think my girlfriend agree with me too.

For those who want to know more about this product I order HAMMER OF THOR from here , the price cost like a few movie ticket. You have to decide yourself whether buy it or not, I think even they sell ten times more than this price many people will buy it for sure because it’s a really good product and the most important thing is it’s 100% safe.

For those who know HAMMER OF THOR – please share your opinion or your story with me. Good luck everyone!

P.S. In case There are no any detail on the packaging that because all the information is a secret.


article source: https://www.diet.com/

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